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Come Build the Future With Us

Dear fellow technology company leader:

I’d like to introduce you to an exciting new organization called Technology Alberta, an industry-led association made up of Alberta-based technology companies. This means that Technology Alberta takes its direction on its programs and activities from its company members, who are working together to make a positive difference for Alberta’s high tech business environment. It is an association formed by technology businesses, for technology businesses.

Technology Alberta’s initial priorities are to:

  1. Enhance the business success of high tech companies in Alberta by facilitating the support they need, such as access to financial and human capital, and increasing exports, commercialization and sales.
  2. Grow public awareness of Alberta’s high tech industry on its issues, stories and successes.
  3. Increase policy advocacy on behalf of the members at a local, provincial and national level on issues important to technology companies based in Alberta. This includes developing potential alliances beyond Alberta that help better enable Alberta companies to grow beyond the province, being a leader in economic diversification initiatives, introducing investment and labour tax credits for all high tech companies, and streamlining grants.

Our 17 member board of directors is made up of people from across a wide range of technology sectors, from large well-known companies such as well-known companies such as Replicon, Telus, and Axia (who have been very generous with sponsorship and in-kind support) to smaller innovation-driven companies such as Chaordix, Empire Avenue, Signalcraft and Synodon.

We have so many great opportunities to make a difference. Alberta has all the right ingredients to become a technology powerhouse in the world. We just need to help make sure those ingredients are mixed together in the right way to make that goal a reality.

Our theme this inaugural year is “Come Build the Future with Us!” But we need your help and we need your membership. I joined because I believe it is an idea whose time has come. I hope you will too. Please review the attached information, and then fill out the membership form and send it in. I look forward to sharing this adventure with you.


Randy Marsden, P.Eng
Chairman of the Board of Technology Alberta


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